Beers produced by Lariano

New Age


Beer #1804 is a golden ale brewed by Lariano in Italy. A drinkable enough golden ale, this one was over carbonated which may have impacted the flavour. It’s fairly refreshing though, with a moderate level of bitterness, light grapefruit, malt…

La Grigna


Beer #1796 is a pilsner brewed by Lariano in Italy. A tasty zesty pilsner, lemon citrus, sweet malt and some level of bitterness make this quite a refreshing beer. The bottle size is 330ML with an alcohol content of 4.60%…



Beer #1613 is a wheat ale brewed by Lariano in Italy. A bit of a weird tasting beer, this is. It’s kinda sweet, though not overly, but it’s got an almost overpowering aftertaste and very prominent aroma of clove (I…



Beer #1606 is a sour wheat ale brewed by Lariano in Italy. This is quite a sour beer, and I’m not sure what the style is meant to be. It was never unpleasant though and it grew on me the…