Beers produced by Sobah

Finger Lime Cerveza


Beer #2760 is a lager brewed by Sobah in Australia. I wasn’t going to have another beer until the weekend but this one, being a non-alcoholuc beer, doesn’t count, right? It’s the third I’ve had from the Sobah range and…

Pepperberry IPA


Beer #2736 is an indian pale ale brewed by Sobah in Australia. My second from Sobah and another enjoyable one it is too. It’s a non-alcoholic IPA brewed with Australian pepperberry which gives it a tartness but also a spiciness.…

Lemon Aspen Pilsner


Beer #2732 is a pilsner brewed by Sobah in Australia. An enjoyable non-alcoholic pilsner brewed with a special strain of yeast that doesn’t produce alcohol as it ferments. It’s brewed by an aboriginal company using bush tucker, lemon aspen fruit,…