Beers from Netherlands

Fuck the Christmas Tree Is On Fire!!!


Beer #3290 is a coffee stout brewed by Uiltje in Haarlem, Netherlands. A deliciously creamy oatmeal stout, reasonably sweet, roasty and fairly bitter, brewed with orange peel and the orange is certainly upfront with lovely coffee backing it up. The…



Beer #2999 is an imperial stout brewed by Oedipus in Amsterdam, Netherlands. A thick Russian imperial stout with a an oily mouthfeel, the 11% ABV is concealed extremely well with dark chocolate, coffee, licorice, caramel and dark fruit. Excellent. The…



Beer #2007 is a belgian ale brewed by Jopen in Haarlem, Netherlands. This Belgian ale is quite tasty, malt, apple and a thick yeast yeastiness with a strong bitterness and a little tartiness to it. The bottle size is 330ML…

Northsea IPA


Beer #1998 is an indian pale ale brewed by Jopen in Haarlem, Netherlands. A bitter and sometimes fairly sweet IPA with a refreshing grapefruit / tropical fruit hit combined with malt and caramel. Very nice! The bottle size is 330ML…

Doubting Thomas


Beer #1986 is an imperial quadrupel brewed by Jopen in Haarlem, Netherlands. An imperial quadrupel that hides the 10% ABV pretty well. It’s fairly sweet with some bitterness, tasting of caramel, prunes and some fruit. Not bad. The bottle size…

Jacobus RPA


Beer #1982 is a rye pale ale brewed by Jopen in Haarlem, Netherlands. A rye pale ale that’s bitter but not overly, tasting of caramel and malt with some orange. There’s a hint of pepper as it slides down the…