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Orange & Black Congrats Ale


Beer #814 is an ale brewed by Moylan’s in California, America. Very bland, like drinking soapy dish water, so I poured this one away. The bottle size is 500ML with an alcohol content of 6.00% (containing approximately 2.40 AU /…



This is a lager brewed by Royal Unibrew in Denmark.The bottle size is 1000ML with an alcohol content of 5.00% (containing approximately 3.90 AU / 5.00 UK standard drinks). My Rating is 4.50/10 which means it’s not enjoyable to drink.



Beer #851 is a lager brewed by Tsingtao in China. I’m so glad this wasn’t my 850th beer. I’m sure Bear Grylls would disagree, but I’d imagine my pee would taste similar to this after a night on the booze.…



Beer #1341 is a pilsner brewed by Ekhidna Wines Microbrewery in Mclaren Vale, S.A., Australia. Another from a local microbrewery called Ekhidna, but I like this one even less than their IPA. It tastes a bit flat and bland, maybe…

Wheat Beer


Beer #1351 is a wheat ale brewed by Ekhidna Wines Microbrewery in Mclaren Vale, S.A., Australia. Another beer from the local microbrewery, and another unknown with regards to the alcohol content. However, from the moment I cracked open the bottle…

Rodenbach Grand Cru


Beer #1393 is a sour red ale brewed by Brouwerij Rodenbach in Belgium. A very tarty and not very drinkable (to me) fruit beer (I think it’s meant to be). Full of raspberry and cherry, I wasn’t able to finish…

Hogwash Bend


Beer #1448 is a lager brewed by Claude Vineyard in Waikerie, South Australia. A strange tasting lager with a weird aftertaste. I think it had a maltiness to it but it was hard to distinguish from the abnormal flavour. Hogwash.…

First Call


Beer #1539 is a bitter brewed by Badger in Dorset, England. A disappointing and artificial tasting ale, mild sweet caramel and slightly hoppy. First call? Definitely my last! The bottle size is 500ML with an alcohol content of 4.00% (containing…

Petrus Blond


Beer #1655 is a blond beer brewed by Bavik-De-Brabandere in Harelbeke, Belgium. My first from Petrus and it’s not a very good start! I couldn’t drink much of this, at only 6.6% it pretty much tastes like I’m drinking wine.…

Nieuw Bruin


Beer #1716 is a brown ale brewed by Bridge Road in Beechworth, Victoria, Australia. A pretty strong tasting ale, which is usually a good thing in my opinion, is marred by an excessive sourness that tastes like vinegar. True, there’s…