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Rex Attitude

This is a smoked ale brewed by Yeastie Boys in Christchurch, New Zealand.

I reckon it’s been four or five years since I’ve had this one, and this is the third time I’ve tried it. I never got a picture of it in the glass either time because I wasn’t doing that at the time, nor was I commenting on the beers. It’s way more subdued than I remember, I’ve always described it to friends as like drinking cigarette smoke, but for me it was a taste sensation anyway. Maybe it loses its impact with age or maybe it’s better when it’s been matured. I’m not sure if it’s my memory playing tricks or some bottles are way smokier than this. Either way, I still think it’s a sensational beer. To say it’s like drinking smoked caramel is one good way to describe it. I’m glad I got myself another bottle.

The bottle size is 330ML with an alcohol content of 7.00% (containing approximately 1.80 AU / 2.30 UK standard drinks) and it costs $7.99

My Rating is 7.00/10 which means it’s an excellent beer and well worth hunting down.


Rex Attitude, Yeastie Boys.jpg Rex Attitude, Yeastie Boys.jpgYeastie Boys

Brewer Notes:
They said it couldn’t be done, that it would be undrinkable, that we couldn’t use more than 5% heavy peated malt in a beer. So we carefully considered their advice and decided to try 100% instead. Rex Attitude is inspired by French techno and the whisky of Scotland’s west coast. Like the ‘Auld Alliance’ it combines a little Scottish rogue with a dose of French je ne sais quoi. It is, as far as we know, the world’s first beer made from 100% heavy peated distilling malt. Don’t fucking sniff it and swirl… this is Scottish malt. Drink it.

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