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Imperial Stay Puft Marshmallow Porter


Beer #2992 is a chocolate porter brewed by Tiny Rebel in Newport, Wales, U.K.. An excellent dessert-like imperial stout-like porter, rich and creamy, very sweet, with flavours of dark chocolate, roasted marshmallows, dark fruit and vanilla with a lovely bitterness…

Big Brekky Porter


Beer #2824 is a chocolate porter brewed by 4 Pines in Manly, N.S.W., Australia. A smooth milk stout, inspired by Milo and indeed coming across a bit like liquid Milo. Creamy, malty and chocolatey with a hint of coffee, the…

Blackheart Porter


Beer #2288 is a chocolate porter brewed by Bacchus Brewing in Queensland, Australia. A solid porter, it hides the 6.4% ABV well with malt and delicious dark chocolate that isn’t overdone. Rather tasty. The bottle size is 500ML with an…