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Whippy IPA


Beer #3219 is a milkshake ipa brewed by Duncan’s in New Zealand. A big, bold and juicy IPA, pours very hazy with massive floaters in the glass. Mango is well and truly upfront, with fruity tropical hops vying for attention.…

Cookies & Cream Milkshake IPA


Beer #3217 is a milkshake ipa brewed by Dainton Family Brewery in Australia. My second beer tonight and another winner! It smells just like a cookies and cream milkshake might when i cracked it open, and the taste does not…

Pillars of Light


Beer #3055 is a milkshake ipa brewed by Amundsen in Oslo, Norway. Another milkshake IPA and another excellent beer, there’s a zesty twang from lemon, pineapple, mango, orange plus a smooth creamy mouthfeel. There’s some sweetness in there too. I…