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Imperial Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout


Beer #3380 is a peanut butter stout brewed by The Garden Brewery in Zagreb, Croatia. A silky smooth imperial stout, hiding the 9% ABV extremely well with creamy dark chocolate, caramel and unexpectedly subtle peanut butter. There’s a strong bitterness…

The Fix Peanut Butter


Beer #3220 is a peanut butter stout brewed by Chur in Christchurch, New Zealand. A big boozy imperial stout, roasty and bitter with dark chocolate front and centre, the peanut butter is prominent but not as much as in other…



Beer #3195 is a peanut butter stout brewed by Dainton Family Brewery in Australia. A smooth roasty stout, chocolatey with peanut butter upfront, it’s quite dry compared to other beers of this style but that’s not a complaint. Very good.…