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Birdie Birdie


Beer #3361 is a saison brewed by The Bruery in Placentia, California, America. A funky but refreshing saison style pilsner, a light apple presence, some bitterness, and a touch salty that keeps it reaching for the glass. The 7.6% ABV…

Fox Chaser


Beer #3275 is a saison brewed by Mountain Goat in Richmond, Victoria, Australia. A solid red farmhouse ale, slightly sweet and malty, slightly funky, fruity and spicy, orange citrus. The bottle size is 640ML with an alcohol content of 6.50%…

Gini Hendrix


Beer #2266 is a vegetable saison brewed by Bacchus Brewing in Queensland, Australia. A refreshing saison brewed with the unusual addition of cucumber and juniper berries. The cucumber is only a subtle flavour, unlike in Moon Dog’s Bosco Beer where…