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Venusian Pale Ale

Beer #1500 is a pale ale brewed by Garage Project in Wellington, New Zealand.

Another milestone, another terrific beer to mark it with. Garage Project hasn’t disappointed yet and the tradition continues with Venusian Pale Ale. I was quite surprised to learn this one was 7.5%, you’d never guess it. It’s full of grapefruit and caramel flavours with a smooth bitterness and a lime twang at the end. There’s a spiciness to it, almost rye-like. I loved it!

The bottle size is 650ML with an alcohol content of 7.50% (containing approximately 3.80 AU / 4.90 UK standard drinks), and it cost me $24.99.

My Rating is 7.25/10 which means it’s a terrific beer.


Venusian Pale Ale, Garage Project.jpg Venusian Pale Ale, Garage Project.jpgGarage Project

Brewer Notes:
Venusian Pale Ale, a precocious little number using some of the more unusual local flora and fauna you find hanging around here in the less civilized parts of the solar system. Lemon grass, kaffir lime leaf and grapefruit peel that we pinched from rations, meld seamlessly with Venusian Spear Fungus and that funny green stuff the local chappies seem to like licking off the rocks. Zesty is the word that springs to mind and at 7.3% abv it’s bloody good for morale. Incidentally, it works just like napalm on the natives, which is handy.

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