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Ambar Pale Ale 1900

Beer #1068 is a pale ale brewed by La Zaragozana in Zaragoza, Spain.

A bit on the weak side pale ale, I thought it was an amber ale. It looks nice in the glass, has a mild orange flavour, even milder bitterness. Nice but nothing earth shattering.

The bottle size is 330ML with an alcohol content of 4.80% (containing approximately 1.20 AU / 1.60 UK standard drinks), and it cost me $5.00.

My Rating is 5.75/10 which means it’s lacking something to make it a genuinely good beer, although it’s drinkable enough.


Ambar Pale Ale 1900, La Zaragozana.jpg Ambar Pale Ale 1900, La Zaragozana.jpgLa Zaragozana

Brewer Notes:
The fermentation at high temperature allows the full expression of the aromas that levatura is able to provide. It is a pale beer and fine bubbles, soft on the palate, full of fresh fruit and malt flavors fresh from the oven.

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