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Black Lung IV

Beer #1543 is a smoked stout brewed by Moon Dog in Abbotsford, Victoria, Australia.

I don’t know if there’s a I, II , and III but I’d sure love to try them if they exist! IV is a deliciously creamy and chocolatey stout, and as the name suggests it’s smokey but not overpowering in any way. It’s bitter, but again, it’s expertly judged. And at 9% (maybe higher) the alcohol content is beautifully hidden (although I’ll admit the effects cannot be hidden!).

The bottle size is 330ML with an alcohol content of 9.10% (containing approximately 2.40 AU / 3.00 UK standard drinks), and it cost me $10.99.

My Rating is 7.00/10 which means it’s an excellent beer and well worth hunting down.


Black Lung IV, Moon Dog.jpg Black Lung IV, Moon Dog.jpgMoon Dog

Brewer Notes:
I think I’m getting the black lung, pop. It’s not very well ventilated down there! This really, really, ridiculously good looking, peated stout, aged in fresh, American oak barrels, will leave you gasping for that last breath of clean air, before succumbing to the intense, roasty smoke flavour. This Black Lung is best enjoyed with a ventilator.

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