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Crappy Bird

A great game to play after having a couple of beers …

Birdy is having a crappy day. He can’t have a beer so help him survive instead by tapping on the right side of the screen to make him flap. Flapping uses energy though (depicted on the right of the screen) so Birdy will need to make sure he eats enough bugs. What do birds do after they’ve eaten? You got it! Tapping on the left side of the screen will cause Birdy to crap on whatever is flying under him (the crapometer is on the left side of the screen). Crap on the floating or ground-based obstacles for extra points. Crap on the bugs if you want, but you are better off getting Birdy to eat them, as you are definitely going to need the energy they provide!!!! How long can you help Birdy survive???

Note: this is an ad-supported app so an internet connection is required at all times.

Note: It is highly recommend you turn the brightness up on your device to 100% else you won’t be able to see anything during the night phases!

You can get it for free Crappy Bird (Free).

And if you have fun with the game, please support me by purchasing the ad-free version which is only $0.99 AUD. This can be purchasedĀ here. You can be assured that your money will beĀ put to good use … more beer!


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