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Hassle Hop

Beer #1064 is a pale ale brewed by Burleigh Brewing Company in Burleigh Heads, Queensland, Australia.

No relation to THE Hassle Hop. Not a bad pale ale, quite hoppy, fruity, some short lived bitterness. It just lacks something that makes it special to stand out from the crowd.

The bottle size is 650ML with an alcohol content of 5.50% (containing approximately 2.80 AU / 3.60 UK standard drinks), and it cost me $7.99.

My Rating is 5.75/10 which means it’s lacking something to make it a genuinely good beer, although it’s drinkable enough.


Hassle Hop, Burleigh Brewing Company.jpg Hassle Hop, Burleigh Brewing Company.jpgBurleigh Brewing Company

Brewer Notes:
Apparently, there are two sides to every argument. But when our five brewers got together to debate their favourite hops, not surprisingly, there were five sides. Not quite a cube, but almost. So rather than take sides, we were distinctly diplomatic and decided to create a brew that combined them all. Striking a balance that brought out the best characteristics of each hop, without compromising the others was about the toughest thing we’ve ever done. But finally, everything lined up perfectly, to create this beautifully balanced, highly hoppy, strong pale ale. What’s in it? Just real beer ingredients and five amazing hops for our ‘fantastic five’ brewers. Galaxy (punchy Benny), El Dorado (sweet Mike), Citra (smoooooth Sean), Mosaic (complex Kieron), Belma (tropical Hawaiian Brennan). What’s not in it? Anything nasty or artificial, like preservatives, additives, pre-isomerised hop products, foam enhancers, animal or fish products ? or anything else that’s not mean to be in beer!

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