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Beer #901 is a wheat ale brewed by Mountain Goat in Richmond, Victoria, Australia.

A pretty decent wheat beer, I’d have it again but I wouldn’t pay for it next time. Not bad.

The bottle size is 640ML with an alcohol content of 6.50% (containing approximately 3.30 AU / 4.20 UK standard drinks), .

My Rating is 6.00/10 which means it’s a good solid beer and it comes recommended.


Hopfweizenbock, Mountain Goat.jpg Hopfweizenbock, Mountain Goat.jpgMountain Goat

Brewer Notes:
A collaboration between Mountain Goat Brewery and the Brooklyn brewery. The resulting beer is now out and is a Hopfweizenbock, AKA a hoppy, strong wheat beer. It’s a beer style brewed by Brooklyn in the States and this version uses the exact same yeast (from the world’s oldest existing brewery, Weihenstephan) and exact same grain bill as the US beer. Where it differs is in the use of Melbourne water and, more importantly, Aussie hops. A tonne (not literally) of Tassie Galaxy hops were added to the conditioning tanks – two grams per litre, according to Goat, to give the beer a distinctive Aussie twist. That said, the tropical fruit aromas from the Galaxy don’t have it all their own way, with the Weihenstephan yeast throwing up plenty of banana and bubblegum esters too. In fact, the hops come to the fore as much in the mouth, adding a slightly resiny, fruity kick to the full-bodied, malty, slightly spicy beer.

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