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Oatmeal Stout

Beer #784 is an oatmeal stout brewed by Birrificio Del Ducato in Italy.

I personally thought it was rather bland. McCauslan Brewing do a wonderful oatmeal stout called St Ambrose, which is far superior to this. It all comes down to taste though. I prefer beers with flavors, if I want watery stuff, I’ll drink water :)

The bottle size is 330ML with an alcohol content of 4.50% (containing approximately 1.20 AU / 1.50 UK standard drinks), .

My Rating is 5.00/10 which means it’s pretty average and uninspiring, and not worth your time unless you like watery or tasteless beers.


Oatmeal Stout, Birrificio Del Ducato.jpg Birrificio Del Ducato

Brewer Notes:
Why should I have made do with the usual stouts? Always the same soup: bootlicking marketing, old manifestos, fake craftsmanship?.lies, mud, iron and chimneys. Then I found it and I was immediately seduced by its oat smoothness and roasted malt fragrance. How could I have not given it at least a chance?

4,5% ABV. 11,0°P

Clean, direct and without further embellishment: this is the stout I have always dreamed of. It is as dark as ebony wood with rust highlights and a latte colored head. Self -describing, it evokes happy endings. Its barley coffee roasts dive on a soft bed of cream. Not much else to say, just like her other ‘sisters’ it won’t make an impression at the first sip, it would rather grow on you for its sincerity and deliciousness. She is the perfect companion for raw salmon and shellfish. It is great by itself and also drunk alone. I often drink it when I am by myself, she makes me company helping me to look deeper and understand things. Night is not only darkness, there is still a lot to see beyond our eyes.

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