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Beer Camp 2017 Ginger Lager


Beer #2578 is a spiced lager brewed by Sierra Nevada in Chico, California, America. The first of twelve from the Beer Camp Across The World box set of craft beers. This is off to a good start with a spicy…

KingKorma Lager


Beer #2375 is a spiced lager brewed by Bacchus Brewing in Queensland, Australia. A delicious lager, and it’s not often you’ll hear me say that! Malty, bitter and wonderfully spiced with Korma with a refreshing mango presence. The bottle size…

Route des epices


This is a spiced lager brewed by Dieu Du Ciel in Quebec, Canada. This is a fine spiced ale, extremely spicy and peppery with a mellow caramel flavour. To be honest, I didn’t notice the rye but it’s still a…