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Shawinigan Handshake


Beer #1957 is a weizenbock brewed by Le Trou Du Diable in Shawinigan, Canada. An excellent wheat beer that is dominated by lots of banana, it’s got a thick satisfying mouthfeel and it’s sweet with a reasonable level of bitterness.…

Moon Glow


Beer #1956 is a weizenbock brewed by Victory Brewing in America. This is quite a tasty wheat beer and it hides the alcohol very well with an 8.7% ABV. It’s slightly spicy with clove and quite sweet with malt, banana,…



Beer #1181 is a weizenbock brewed by Weihenstephan in Germany. A sweet caramel-tasting weizenbock, slight chocolate, little bitterness. Very enjoyable though. The bottle size is 500ML with an alcohol content of 7.00% (containing approximately 2.80 AU / 3.50 UK standard…