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Vladimir P

Beer #1718 is an imperial stout brewed by Hornbeer in Kirke Hyllinge, Denmark.

A mighty Russian imperial stout which is not thick like sludge like some but rather it is sweet and creamy like a milk stout, with a good level of bitterness that doesn’t overpower the chocolate, licorice and vanilla. There’s a little dark fruit in there too. What’s so surprising is that it has a 12% ABV. I knew this going in but all the while I’m drinking it I’m thinking no way does this taste stronger than about 6%. Very impressive!

The bottle size is 500ML with an alcohol content of 12.00% (containing approximately 4.70 AU / 6.00 UK standard drinks), and it cost me $21.99.

My Rating is 7.25/10 which means it’s a terrific beer.


Vladimir P, Hornbeer.jpg Vladimir P, Hornbeer.jpgHornbeer

Brewer Notes:
Vladimir P is a Triple-Russian XXL Imperial Stout – a brand new ølkategori, brewed with infinite respect for the popular president who unselfishly rates all its energy to implement unpopular decisions. These are characteristics that people generally miss politicians across the globe. But also the high degree of empathy that are expelled when minorities must be protected. How he decisively annexation rural areas with minority exhibiting sympathy for the charismatic president. Just as he protects the small minority of the nation own men who think better of others of the nation’s men than they think about Petrushka and Varushka. A trip behind tremmerfår them usually on better thoughts. So western politicians can certainly learn something here. That is probably why they now are acidic. Vladimir P is a natural heir of Tsarina Catherine’s favorite Russian Imperial Stout at 8.2% from Hornbeer. It is 100 years ago, well over. She was not exactly known for its democratic inclinations. Was a little cold, choleric and calculating. But when she could drink a Russian Imperial Stout, then time will now be a Triple-XXL Russian Imperial Stout of 12%.

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